Lower Your Overall Cost of Borrowing

Borrowing Basics

Credit gives you the freedom and power to do things now, to be better off and get ahead.

Save money while you borrow money

The key is to get ahead without getting in over your head.

Federal Insurance Value® VISA* card

By transferring balances from higher rate cards, you could save hundreds of dollars in interest each year with the low rate Federal Insurance Value VISA card.

More details, Federal Insurance Value® VISA* card
FIBLine Personal Line of Credit

With a FIBLine Personal Line of Credit, you'll have immediate access to your money whenever and wherever you need it, with a high limit and no annual fee.

More details, FIBLine Personal Line of Credit
FIBGold® Passport™ VISA 

The FIBGold® Passport™ VISA card offers the "Best Value in Gold". And now there's a No-Fee FIBGold™ VISA card option.

More details, FIBGold® Passport™ VISA 
FIB Total Equity™ Plan

The FIB Total Equity Plan allows you to secure your borrowing with the equity built up in your home, so you can enjoy even lower interest rates.

More details, FIB Total Equity™ Plan
Federal Insurance Personal Loans

Federal Insurance Personal Loans offer competitive fixed rates and personalized payment plans that fit your needs. You can also manage your loans online anywhere and at any time.

More details, Federal Insurance Personal Loans

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